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The Recipe of Success®, a blueprint for creating, operating, and sustaining your food service concept. Your vision is meticulously shaped by seasoned hospitality industry professional and restaurant consultant Mark Moeller. Mark incorporates his 40+ years of experience into the start up, expansion or turnaround of your fine dining, full service, QSR or fast casual operation, setting you up for success!

Global in Reach  |  Holistic in Approach  |  Locally Relevant

As a restaurant consultant or a fractional COO, we focus on:

Process Improvement

On every occasion there is nothing better than having a fresh set of eyes look over a business. As a corporate executive turned restaurant consultant, Mark has a firm understanding of systems and structure needed to identify deficiencies and provide solutions for them.

With a common sense approach and an understanding of how hard it is to run a business, The Recipe of Success® will gently explore the personality of the operation and present strategies to improve the operation in many areas. Turning around your restaurant starts with management controls and ends with increased profits.

During our analysis, we perform mystery shops and then known observations where we interact with the team at all levels. We review operational procedures in real time, recording what we observe and learn in detail to create a foundation for our report.

Prior to beginning, we will request a list of documents that will be needed for the financial analysis portion. Reports needed will include invoices, payroll reports, time punches, training material and so much more.

At the end of our analysis, we will generate a report that will tell you everything you knew was wrong, everything you didn’t, what you are doing well and how that intersects operationally and financially. In our report, we will also provide recommendations on what and how to improve the noted deficiencies.


Are you looking to open new locations and build your brand? Are you wondering how to manage existing operations while adding to your portfolio? This is a delicate balance and one that is the desire of many entrepreneurs. An experienced restaurant consultant can provide a foundation for your success. It is important to make sure you select a company that specializes in this niche.

Taking your business from a fledgling one store company to a multiple units requires a firm foundation. In order to expand into a regional or national powerhouse, through corporate or franchise avenues, you will need:

    • Structure & Systems
    • Training Manuals
    • Checklists
    • Budgets
    • Financial Proformas
    • People Development
    • Operations Management
    • Risk Management
    • Purchasing Strategies/Buying Group

Creation/Start Up

Developing a new restaurant concept is a collaborative process, one that blends your vision with our expertise. With nearly 400 locations opened, we have developed detailed systems to keep you on time and on budget. A restaurant consultant serves as a trusted advisor, leveraging industry expertise and experience. A restaurant consultant can guide startup restaurants through every stage of their journey, from concept development to operational excellence, ultimately increasing your chances of long-term success. Some of the areas of our focus include:

  • Restaurant Consultant
    • Business Plan
    • Real Estate
    • Design & Construction
    • Kitchen Layout & Equipment Specification
    • Menu & Recipe Development
    • Branding
    • Marketing & PR
    • Training Systems
    • Day to Day Operations
    • Recruiting Strategies
    • Feasibility Studies

Fractional COO

A Fractional COO provides critical management and executive support along a flexible model. This setup can be ideal for small to mid-sized concepts in the restaurant or hospitality industries. Often a Fractional benefit Private Equity, absentee owners, business in growth mode the most. The Fractional COO becomes a bigger part of your team and can help you transform your concept in a lasting way.

I perform the same duties as a full-time COO and can help operators with everything from improving systems and structure to managing their P&L. The Fractional COO understands that a restaurant is as successful as the unity of the team and will devote careful attention to developing a team culture that becomes a foundation for growth.

I am a seasoned restaurateur who specializes in driving operational efficiency, enhancing guest experience, and optimizing business performance to ensure profitability. As your Fractional COO, I can spearhead your continued evolution and support your expansion in all ways. Understanding the importance of people, experience, culture and profits are paramount to growth. A major key to success is remaining entrenched in what is happening in the field, the team needs to know that leadership takes their priorities seriously so that they stay the course and help achieve the company goals and aspirations.

Critical Path

Opening a hospitality business – restaurant, bar, theater or entertainment venue, is a detailed and overwhelming experience to many. The quantity of tasks, how they intertwine and deciding what to focus on and when requires organization and structure to manage the flow.

We have been a part of nearly 400 new openings nationwide and have learned that paying attention to and managing every detail will result in establishing a foundation for years to come. As a restaurant consultant, I started to develop this form in 1992 and have refined it through every opening we have been a part of. Whether assisting on a small scale or large, our Critical Path worksheet has become the most important document we produce.

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“Mark is an exemplary leader who I feel proud to refer clients to and who I often seek advice from for my own professional growth. He is a rare and precious GEM!”

Dan LisaTerritory Sales Manager at NuCO2

“He is hands down the number one pro you need on your team for success.”

Bella KarakisCEO, Co-Founder, e.terra Kitchen, Goldman Sachs 10KSB Business Accelerator ALUMNA

Mark is not just a consultant to my business but I consider him a strategic partner

Food Consultant
Marni EspositoCEO Moon Rocks Gourmet CookiesMoon Rocks Cookies

Mark is a very special high level managerthat brings a wealth of restaurant/food operations, leadership and administrative support experience.

Stephen CohenCEO & FOunder at National Golf Course Restaurant AssociationNational Golf Course Restaurant Association