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Our services are customized to build the “recipe of success” for each of our clients, and our hands-on approach to partnering with our clients ensures a seamless experience from site selection to service. 

A recent case study: Revitalizing a Church’s Commercial Kitchen into a Multifunctional Hub

Revitalizing a Church’s Commercial Kitchen into a Multifunctional Hub

Client Background: Christ Church of Greenwich is an episcopal church in Greenwich, CT with a historic, ten-acre campus offering facility rentals for special events, meetings, and concerts. They sought our expertise to modernize their commercial kitchen, last renovated in 1958, and turn it into a multifunctional space.

Client Objectives

Equipment Upgrade and Engineering Enhancement: The primary goal was to modernize the kitchen’s equipment and improve its engineering to meet contemporary

Creation of a Multi-Functional Space: The client expressed a need for a large table/space dedicated to cooking demonstrations, gatherings, and a community table. Additionally, they wanted to incorporate a coffee service area.

Auditorium Utilization: The church desired the integration of the kitchen with the adjacent auditorium for community gatherings, classes, and events. The space should be versatile, accommodating different activities seamlessly.

Profitable Space for Lease: The client aimed to make the kitchen a revenue-generating asset by upgrading the space and making it more user-friendly. This required strategic planning to ensure the space could be easily adapted for different purposes.

Layout Optimization: The existing layout needed a significant overhaul to enhance efficiency and user-friendliness. This involved a comprehensive review of the current setup and a redesign to maximize space utility.

Consulting Approach

Assessment Phase: We conducted an extensive evaluation of the existing kitchen, taking note of the original equipment, its condition, and overall layout. Interviews with kitchen staff and church representatives provided valuable insights into their specific requirements.

Specification and Design: Utilizing computer-aided design (CAD) tools, we created a revised layout that optimized the space for efficiency and functionality. This included specifying new equipment to align with modern standards and the client’s objectives.

Multi-Functional Space Planning: We developed a plan for the designated cooking demonstration area, community table, and coffee service station. Special attention was given to ensuring flexibility in the space to accommodate various events and gatherings.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs): Comprehensive SOPs were developed for cleaning and day-to-day operations. This included guidelines for equipment use, maintenance, and safety protocols to ensure smooth kitchen functioning.

Strategic Use of Space: We provided recommendations on how the space could be used efficiently, taking into account the church’s desire for community engagement, classes, and events. This involved creating a seamless connection between the kitchen and the adjacent auditorium.


Modernized Kitchen: The upgraded equipment and improved engineering brought the kitchen up to contemporary standards, enhancing its overall functionality and efficiency.

Multi-Functional Space: The implemented design allowed for the creation of a versatile space, catering to cooking demonstrations, community gatherings, and coffee services. The layout facilitated seamless transitions between different activities.

Auditorium Integration: The integration of the kitchen with the auditorium enhanced the church’s ability to host diverse events, classes, and community gatherings, fostering increased engagement.

Profitable Leasing Opportunities: The revamped kitchen space proved to be an attractive option for leasing, generating additional revenue for the church through various events and activities.

Optimized Layout and SOPs: The revised layout and well-defined SOPs contributed to a more efficient and user-friendly kitchen environment, making day-to-day operations smoother for the staff.

We successfully transformed the church’s commercial kitchen into a modern, versatile, and profitable space, aligning with the client’s vision for community engagement and revenue generation.

Be Well Greens + Juice (plant-based, fast-casual)
Rutherford, NJ

Be Well Greens + Juice

Be Well is on a mission to impact the health and wellness of the community through cold-pressed juices and plant-based foods. They offer healthy and convenient food options that will nourish and fuel your body.

  • Menu Development
  • Mentoring
  • Staffing Plan and Recruiting Strategy
  • Standard Operating Procedures

The Porch at Christie’s (Fast casual, Non-profit)
Westport, CT

The Porch: The Recipe of SuccessFrom the day Christie’s opened its doors in 1926, one thing remained the same, Christie’s was the go-to spot in the Westport community. With the inviting Porch on the front of the store, it became a place for the community to meet, buy local foods and treat themselves to a delicious ice cream from the adorable ice cream hut.

In early 2020, Bill & Andrea founded the non-profit Sweet P Bakery in Norwalk. Sweet P is dedicated to providing job training and employment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In early November, they had their very first graduating class from their Baking 1 – Foundations class. What has been missing is the employment part of the mission. This has all changed now with the opening of The Porch.

  • Recipe Development
  • Guest Flow
  • Operations and Training Manual
  • Recruiting, interviewing & Hiring
  • Training
  • POS Selection
  • Post Opening Support

Eco Evolution (retail, eco-friendly)
Norwalk, CT

Eco Evolution Marketplace

Eco-friendly marketplace, meeting space and artisan coop. Because Mama Earth can’t f#!king wait! This is ethical retail – protecting the planet with every purchase.

  • Design
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Training
  • Mentorship

e.terra kitchen (Hospitality)
Harlem, NY

e.terra kitchene.terra, a flexible culinary workspace solutions company, opened its first flexible commercial kitchen in Harlem, New York in April 2021. Founded by industry veterans Bella Karakis and Joel Rogozinski, e.terra provides community-focused, flexible commercial kitchen solutions and business services to support the growth of food & beverage companies in every stage of development. The Harlem space is 5,600 square feet and features 2 large kitchens, state-of-the-art commercial kitchen equipment and technology, with room to scale while keeping startup costs low. It includes a shared commercial kitchen, a baker’s kitchen, ghost or private kitchen stations, dry and cold storage, office co-working space and full roster of business support services.

  • Site Selection
  • Kitchen Design
  • Construction Management
  • Equipment Specifications
  • Strategic Planning

Restaurant Clients

Fast Casual/QSR

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Be Well – Rutherford, NJ
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Cucina Daniella – Darien, CT
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Flour Shoppe Cafe – Rockville Centre, NY
Garden Catering – Multi Location, CT
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Joanne’s Gourmet Pizza – Long Island, NY
Moon Rocks Gourmet Cookies – Hamden, CT
Naked Greens – South Norwalk & Wilton, CT
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The Porch at Christie’s – Westport, CT

Rye Ridge Deli – Rye, NY & Stamford, CT
Soul Tasty BBQ – Stamford, CT
Stoner’s Pizza Joint – Georgia, Florida, South Carolina
SuperSandwich.com – Shelton, CT
Subsconscious – Harlem, NY
The Morning After – Hollywood, FL
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The Rex Burger & Lobster – Mineola, NY
The Village Roost – Wilmington, VT
Upper Crust Bagel Company – Old Greenwich, CT
Wild Alchemy Café – Wallingford, CT
Zorn’s of Bethpage – Bethpage, NY

Full Serve & Fine Dining

Bodega – Fairfield and Darien, CT
Brick Walk Tavern – Fairfield, CT
Candlewood East Marina – Brookfield, CT
Casa ME – Westport, CT
Chez Messy – New York, NY
Country Club of Darien – Darien, CT
Cull & Pistol – New York, NY

LaPerle – Stamford, CT
Lefteris Gyro – Westchester County, NY
Lunch Box – Weston, CT
Negril Village – New York, NY
Nyack Grill and Bar – Nyack, NY
Pink Sumo – Westport, CT
Rowley’s Grill – Winstead, CT


Ani’s Table – Rocky Hill, CT
ARAMARK – New England
BE Chocolat – Fairfield, CT
Beastie Burger – Shelton, CT
ChefNBox – Egg Harbor Township, NJ
Chefscape – New York, NY
Christ Church Greenwich – Greenwich, CT

E. Terra Kitchens – Harlem, NY
Evelyn’s Kitchen – New York, NY
J.B. Percival – Fairfield, CT
Maiden Voyage Catering – New York, NY
Salsa Caterers – Bronx, NY
Wall Street Theater – Norwalk, CT


ECO Evolution – Norwalk, CT


I own a newly formed Gourmet Cookie company. I know business but I don’t know the food business. Making the decision to work with Mark was one the best moves I have made in business to date. Mark is knowledgeable in ALL areas of my business. Mark is not just a consultant to my business but I consider him a strategic partner. Having the ability to consult with him about the long term strategy, and the short term (down and dirty nitty gritty) is a rare combination. I highly recommend Mark and could not imagine moving forward without him as in integrated part of my business.

Food Consultant
Marni EspositoCEO Moon Rocks Gourmet CookiesMoon Rocks Cookies

Mark is a very special high level manager that brings a wealth of restaurant/food operations, leadership and administrative support experience to the table. He performs extremely well under high pressure and high volume situations, keeps his people motivated and delivers results. Mark has a high level of integrity and communicates exceptionally well. He is able to relate to people at all levels and is always seeking a better way to improve quality, sales and service. His organization skills and follow through are outstanding. He understands P&L management and knows how to impact the bottom line. I have known Mark for over 10 years and he is a pleasure to work with.

Stephen CohenCEO & FOunder at National Golf Course Restaurant AssociationNational Golf Course Restaurant Association