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The Recipe of Success restaurant consultants specialize in crafting tailored solutions to address our clients’ distinct business challenges, seamlessly blending the best practices of corporate structure with the needs of new and growing independent concepts.

Led by industry veteran Mark Moeller, our diverse team of industry experts bring unique skill sets to the table, providing clients with a fresh perspective and hands-on approach. We have expertise in every area of the business and we build a bespoke team to support each of our client’s needs.  Our restaurant consultants work diligently with your team, side by side. Read more about our core team below.


Mark Moeller, Operations/Founder

As a seasoned operator specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industries, Mark Moeller aligns his priorities with those of his clients. With over four decades of experience, he has been a guiding force for operators across the industry spectrum, from small coffee shops to upscale fine dining establishments. Mark brings a fresh perspective, decades of hands-on experience, and a sharp business mindset to the table.

Mark’s approach is grounded in a nuts-and-bolts operational style, allowing him to swiftly assess situations and provide practical solutions. Recognizing that many operators are emotionally tied to their concepts and may struggle to make changes independently, Mark offers an outsider’s viewpoint, leveraging his extensive experience to help management implement plans that foster long-term success.

His portfolio of satisfied clients attests to Mark’s ability to provide creative and intelligent solutions. Whether revamping systems, fine-tuning daily operations, executing the founder’s vision, or crafting strategic plans for sustainable scaling and growth, Mark’s expertise spans every facet of restaurant operations. As a restaurant owner and operator, himself, Mark deeply understands the passion and dedication required to create and sustain a successful foodservice operation. His unique strength lies in applying the best corporate structures and processes to empower independent restaurateurs at any stage of their business journey.

Chef Dan Baylis | Recipe of Success

Chef Daniel Baylis


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Katie Coleman

Katie Coleman


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