Mark Moeller ’88 and Lexi Rackliff Zable ’13 met in the fall of 2020 when Lexi was looking to hire a consultant to help grow her business. After running the Dip Net, a seasonal seafood restaurant in Port Clyde, ME, Lexi was ready to take on a second restaurant. She was in the middle of picking lobsters for a table of diners when it dawned on her – she should see if there was another JWU alum who could help her.

Lexi quickly went onto JWU Alumni Connect and searched the directory for “restaurant consultant.” Mark Moeller, operations/founder of The Recipe of Success was the first name on the list. She sent him an email through the platform and heard back within the hour!

Lexi searched the directory based on keyword, but you can narrow your search based on location, class year, industry and willingness to become a mentor. The directory is helpful for everything from finding old classmates to building new connections.

Mark and Lexi worked together on everything from branding to time management. Their work was mainly conducted virtually, with just two in-person visits. In November, The Grey Owl Bar & Grill was born. Mark is based in Connecticut and has yet to visit the Grey Owl in-person, but looks forward to his next visit to Maine and ordering the best thing off the menu.

The two continue to work together, with Mark serving as Lexi’s mentor and sounding board. As a mentor, Mark says he is humbled and honored to be a part of Lexi’s evolution as a restaurant owner. And as Lexi puts it, she feels lucky to be able to “tap into Mark’s gray hairs.”

Lexi is a big proponent of the JWU Alumni Connect directory. A simple search led to a successful business relationship and continued mentorship. When asked if she’d use the directory for future connections, she responded with a resounding “yes.” Whether you’re looking to hire someone, network, find a mentor or former classmates, the directory is the go-to spot.