Mark Moeller | The Recipe of Success

Mark Moeller | The Recipe of Success

By Erin Flynn Jay | Restaurants are used to challenges – staffing issues and labor shortages being chief among them.

In this Bar & Restaurant round-up, we asked restaurant owners and experts for tips on overcoming this critical challenge.

The Recipe of Success – Westport, Conn.

Mark Moeller, the owner/president of The Recipe of Success in Westport, Conn. – a national restaurant consulting firm – said automation is the primary answer. “A streamlined staff – read fewer and more nimble staff – with the right technology and training can be incredibly effective,” he said. “The next-gen employee grew up with an iPhone in their hand. They can adjust quickly to the kitchen because of that.”

Moeller’s other advice:

  • Write better job descriptions and ads, making it easier for potential candidates to understand the position you are trying to fill. Small changes in language can make a difference.
  • Calling people to arrange interviews can help prevent ghosting.
  • Take a look at different sources for staffing. For example, the DOL can connect employers with veterans and other target groups.