South Norwalk, CT: Norwalk To-Go, a custom takeout and delivery platform designed to support Norwalk restaurants, has begun taking orders. Norwalk To-Go is another support component developed by local real estate collective AGW SoNo Partners to assist its restaurant tenants by enabling enhanced takeout and delivery. The program is fully funded by AGW, whose portfolio includes 25 properties in the Washington Street Historic District, and was created so their restaurant tenants no longer need to absorb the 30% fee with which third-party delivery companies gouge them. Adding to the platform’s appeal, consumer delivery and service fees are practically cut in half and faster delivery is possible due to Norwalk To-Go’s private delivery company!

“Our portfolio in SoNo includes eight restaurants. Paying 30% commission does not make sense in today’s environment, so we built something much more sustainable,” says Adam Greenbaum, Principal, AGW SoNo Partners, referring to the exorbitant fees charged by Uber Eats, Seamless, Grubhub, and DoorDash.

“Seeing a landlord invest in their tenants to this level is amazing. Communication and a partnership between tenant and landlord are foundational to mutual success,” says Mark Moeller of The Recipe of Success® and Director of the New England Culinary Group.

The Norwalk To-Go support initiative is one of many marketing tools AGW has integrated into its real estate management practices. In June, the group introduced OnWashington, an internal support arm for AGW tenants, as well as an external marketing platform to promote the Washington Street Historic District as a premier destination to live, work and play. OnWashington is a valuable resource for locals, visitors and entrepreneurs looking for a unique space to house their dream businesses or to simply find a great place to dine, shop or be pampered. Additional OnWashington events and promotions include the ongoing Art OnWashington local artists exhibition which features massive art installations displayed in open storefronts, as well as Dine OnWashington and the SoNo Arts Festival OnWashington coming in September.

Norwalk To-Go